FIT Insights Ltd is one of the leading Business Development Consulting firms based in Uganda (East Africa). It has a history of over 26 years (Since 1997) in Business Development Services in Africa with a list of achievements and accomplishments.

Solutions centred around Social and Economic Development, People Education, Information & knowledge. It is our duty to be mindful of people’s cultures, mother earth and the environment around us sustainability and continuity.

Our Services are driven by the fact that businesses need to connect for survival. We believe in building bridges for supplies while creating opportunities to enrich societies with holistic solutions.

"Information is like an Oil to your Business ": Consider your knowledge of the market as wealth accumulated, that informs your decisions to take action in production, trade or market or product development. Market information can be priced 3 times higher than final product or service to the customer.

Our Work starts with an Idea, Deep Thought, Mental Design and Joint Co-creation to Innovative Lasting Solutions . Dail *284*211/ And Register for an Online Digital Account

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Our Work starts with an Idea, Deep Thought, Mental Design and Joint Co-creation to Innovative Lasting .

Are you looking for a Co - Creation or Intervention Partner in Uganda?


FIT is known for its ground-breaking innovation in developing sustainable social & economic services within the SME sector. It has previously worked in the region with over 67 agribusiness Value Chain Studies and supported over 47 organizations in Capacity Building programs; Coached and mentored 157 corporate youth, in partnerships with a variety of Development Partners.

YEAR 2018-2019

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YEAR 2008-2009

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YEAR 2017-2018

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FIT Insights is a business development consulting company, that provides practical business integration of services to farmers and traders. We link Farmers and Traders to markets through rapid market appraisal, capacity building and facilitating value chain-based intervention using technology as a leverage for good business.

FIT Insights has remarkable works in areas of feasibility studies, agribusiness development, product development, value chain developments, stimulation of small and medium businesses, provision of Market Information Services, Enterprise Record Management for farmers and cooperatives, Capacity Building of Cooperatives, Program Design and Management and program design.

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Profile of the services and inbuilt capacities held by the FIT Staff, its Associates and Partner firms. This section explores areas where we can talk business or possible engagement.

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Knowledge & Insights

Over the past years, we have built up skills in business consulting, leading to formation of business services, product development and opportunities for many organizations and individuals.

89 Projects
67 Clients
8 Awards
631 Youth Coached


Our Team is made of 5 full time local Consultants, 4 Associate flexible Consultants, 3 International Consultants , with a gender ratio of 60: 40 Men and Women. Every year the company take two Graduate Interns for training and Career guidance.


FIT Insights aims to become the leading facilitator of information, inclusive financial services and knowledge around entrepreneurs and their trade; by undertaking its duty to connect users with quality services delivered professionally, efficiently & effectively with compliance to prevailing requirements to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.

Our design and growth is centered on a number of subsectors and areas of interest such as
• Information Services and systems
• Human Health/Pension Services
• Enterprenship /Educative Services
• Inclusive Financial Services
• Data Analytics
• Agribusiness| Commodity Trade

The programs designs are interlinked to check engagement with multiple sectors and users of the services to have a variety of use cases.


We delivery to your expectations , We listen and Act . We have a passion for :-

  • Co- Creation, Proposal Design, Programming and Systematic, logic planning
  • Capacity Building, Tailored Training in Cooperative Member development, Service program development, Service Marketing aggregating Organization
  • Market Linkages , Commodity Value Addition and Development for Markets
  • Financial Inclusion, training and system set up
  • Data Collection, Analysis  & Insights- Market information & profile management.


VISION: Is to create vibrant economic sectors through
traceable data source from well informed and
connected business networks.

MISSION: To become the leading facilitator of information
trade and knowledge around entrepreneurs and
their trade

VALUES: Personal growth, Ownership, Integrity,
Team work, Sincerity and Respect.


We are please to have worked with, and in collaboration with a number of corporate firms, traders and merchants, development partners, government agencies, and membership organization.