FIT at the 25th Agricultural Show in Jinja

Annually Uganda National Farmers association organises an agricultural show in Jinja at its permanent grounds  next to the Source of the Nile, it is a event that brings a number of farmers, traders, services providers together to share knowledge, information and experience in agribusiness and agricultural as a sector.

This year the event has been organised in partnership with the Agribusiness Alliance; it started on the 16th July  and will run upto 23rd July 2017.

FIT Insights will be exhibiting with Agribusiness Alliance and will also take part in a number of events:

  1. Agrifin Day on 20th July 2017 –  FIT Insights will be present its Maalicard as solution for risk reduction in produce buying and off taker trade.
  2. Youth AgriTalks on 22rd July 2017 – the CEO, Robert Kintu will  be a discussant  and Idea motivator during the session with youth in agriculture. He will talk about the emerging trends in ICTs and agribusiness ; how this is likely to shape the role of the youth in agriculture.


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