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By M.J. Robert Kintu, Founder, CEO FIT Insights Ltd

Date: 8.4.2021

Maalicard responses to the current trends and needs of the corporate clients. Following the changes in the market forced by the Covid-19 restrictions, many financial institutions are moving fast in the area of digitalization and changing their workflows.  It is not surprising that FINTECH like FIT Insights under its Financial Inclusion company: MFC aka Maalicard has launched its digital onboarding of the corporate customers.

This move takes Maalicard beyond its traditional market of pre-urban and rural clientele to the affluent clients in the urban centers; young and youthful corporates within the age segments of 20 to 40 years that are moved by technology innovations and willing to adopt to changes in the financial sector.

The company has moved its Mobile based App (https://bit.ly/2L7QAQP ) to the Web Online solutions (www.maalicard.com) to enable new client self on board for both individual and non-individual digital banking accounts.  The platform takes the sophisticated human roles to simple user step by step processes that allow individuals sign up for an online digital account that is linked to Mobile Wallet called the Maalipot and also automatically allows the client to have a digital saving account called the Maalisave.

The company has taken seamless methodologies to aid the onboarding of individuals and institution onto its digital financial solutions for saving, cash transfers, deposit collection, payments, bulk payments and service connection.

Maalicard bring a smooth flow of process enabling end- to- end solution integration that will allow it up scale its operations from simple smartphone users to yet another smart and affluent customer that are in need of flexibility, cost effective processes, affordable payment options and convenient service options at their fingertips. 

Adopting this channel of entry increases scaling required in business growth. Maalicard seeks to have all its web users experience new model of digital banking. The web portal will allow users to register/ apply for pre-debit card which shall be delivered to the client within 5 to 7 days, it will enable users to manage their fund movement from the Maalipot (digital wallet) to the Pre-debit Card for physical cash payouts at the over 400 ATMs that are collaborating with company via Interswitch platform and Verve; it will enable P2P web payments, blocking of cards and monitoring of the fund movement with a single dashboard login.

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