• 1997

    FIT UGANDA LTD Started Operations

    This was the time when we started our company. We had no idea how far we would go, we weren’t even sure that we would be able to survive for a few years. What drove us to start the company was the understanding that we could provide a service no one else was providing.

  • 2017

    FIT INSIGHTS LTD Rebranding

    FIT Insights is a business and financial Solutions/ development consulting company. The company provides practical business integration of services leveraging the use of technologies to link the persons in the lower base of the pyramid to sustainable business relations /markets while enabling inclusive financial services.  With a history of over 23 years in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, the company has grown to become a household name in delivery of Market Information Services, Value Chain Development, Inclusive Financial Solution, Business Conceptual development, Business and Financial Training, and Commodity marketing/


  • 2022

    MAALICARD LTD Incoporated

    Maalicard operates as a Neo Bank that is powered by the Housing Finance bank as the escrow account holder; it is not a bank but registered and licensed as company offering digital financial services targeting the unbanked population. The service is driven by a technology that is interoperable, allowing the movement and seamless flow of money from one client to other. It works in partnership with existing organizations, MNOs and financial bodies to achieve its objectives.


  • 2023

    MAALICARD LC - US Incoporated

    Maalicard LC is powered by MAALICARD UG. to support remittance from the US and UG promoting trade within the Global World.

    It is still in its formative stage as it the company build capital for the expansion.


  • 2024


    RENT A SHOP ONLINE - it is a market places for small holder trader, give the individuals and MSME an opportunity to trade and be paid online. The payment platform is powered by Maalipay.


Company overview

The FIT Insights Group of Services is built around an enviable reputation in the sector of business development
services and financial Inclusion services. Our Services are coiled around people solutions and interactive
sustainable gains for communities using minimum reusable resources given by nature. The team is confident and
ready to meet with any challenges that may occasionally embrace humanity.

Knowledge & Concepts

Since 1997, with the initial FIT Uganda then rebranded FIT Insights (2017) we have been key in the area of business development services within Africa, we have built piles of Knowledge in areas that influence decision-making in a variety of sub-sectors and value chains. Our staff and associates are schooled and skilled in ICT as leverage in business operation processes, information management systems, or data analysis
and visualization, system layout, and conceptual modeling aimed at creating new possibilities for investors in dynamic
business environments.

FIT Insights is a Business Consultancy Company, that provides practical business integration of services between farmers and traders while linking them to markets through rapid market appraisal, capacity building, and facilitating market development

Statements of Performance

We Work with a promise :

  1. THE VISION is to create vibrant economic sectors through traceable data sources for well informed and connected business networks

  2. THE MISSION :To be the leading facilitator of information, inclusive financial services and knowledge around entrepreneurs and their trade


Leveraging the use of relevant ICTs  to transformation  to target communities.

Create sustainable business alliances

Focus on Inclusive Financial Solutions as a service for emerging  markets

Focus on  data  for Decisions  to create  historical insights and knowledge

The Highlights

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