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Consultancy & Training Services

FIT works with partners  to respond to  farmer and trader needs holistically, using integrated models that support human development. The company has taken up consultancies from feasibility studies, baselines studies, sub sector analysis to production analysis and reporting. This has cover a number of sectors, education, health, social economic development programmes, information systems and management, cooperative support, governance and association capacity building.

FIT facilitate sustainable development in AGRIBUSINESS, HUMAN development  through access to market programs, using value chain programs, training of trainers, short professional up scaling training, enterprise promotion, and feasibility assessment: BUSINESS INFORMATION through a network of ICT data enabled collection, analysis, storage and dissemination portal for agribusiness and business: CLIENT PROFILE MANAGEMENT and use of Mobile Apps, Websites, SMS, IVR and Call Centre, Radio and tvs as an avenue for communication reaching out to learning communities.

FIT is working with over 56% of women and youth in its programme across the region.  Creating job, business opportunities as agents, trainers, and giving young people opportunities to work under mentor-ship.

Our consultancy unit has developed skills in data insights for both agribusiness and health sector through the use of ICT based solutions, referencing, enterprise training and growth.  We provide tailored and thematic training programme in Market Information system, interpretation, and dissemination, radio program designs for rural development., OVC training, Rapid market appraisals and  related governance, marketing and strategic training programmes.

Data Insights Analysis

  1. Training in Market Dynamics, sourcing and price interpretations
  2. Training in market developments and support initiatives
  3. Data analysis from production, transaction and markets to provide trends, forecasts, insights in people behavior and service preference.

Tailored Business Training programmes

  1. Grassroots management training for women, youth groups, OVC and OVC caretakers e.t.c
  2. Rapid market Appraisal for small business set ups
  3. Practical Business Planning and development

Value Chain development programming

  1. Support to development of value chain programmes,
  2. Training of facilitators in Value Chain Development, Subsector analysis, value chain financing, channel mapping and development
  3. Business linkages for markets and partnership arrangement in agribusiness programs
  4. Market Analysis and verifications of data on selected commodities

Group Member Interventions

Training of Member organizations; Churches, Cooperative and farmer associations in the areas of :

  1. Membership recruitment, development and retention
  2. Member Service program development
  3. Marketing for Associations and cooperatives training and mentorship programme
  4. Member organization system development, policy, procedures, system quality check and governance support.
  5. Board Governance, Reporting and monitoring training
  6. Member database and management platforms with support and revenue generation services.
  7. Conceptual development, Strategy Developments and project or program designs.