Associate Consultant- Software Engineer and Web Solutions Architect

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Associate Consultant- Software Engineer and Web Solutions Architect

Career Objective: To be a part of an organization or partnership or project that offers me a challenging opportunity to continuously learn, evolve myself and contribute my skills enthusiastically to the best of my ability.

Profile Summary:

  • 9 years of solid software development experience in designing, developing and implementing of enterprise-level web and mobile-based applications using open and closed source technologies.
  • Been involved in most of the phases of the SDLC (software development life-cycle) from conception to user support but mainly focusing on project implementation.
  • Key enterprise areas of expertise include E-commerce and software as service business models, ERP systems, customer relationship databases, customized process flow automation solutions, social media application integration, cloud computing technologies, to mention but a few.
  • Experience in customer support at client sites. Served on critical projects involving travelling on-site to work with technical implementation teams and business teams in finding lasting solutions to business challenges.
  • A good understanding of technology trends and how to incorporate new trends and standard best practices into business processes.


Design and Deployment of AGMIS agricultural market information system, Infotrade: I was the lead engineer in the implementation of an Agriculture market information system (AGMIS), a product of Infotrade, an online platform that addresses information needs across the agriculture value chain. It was built to support the collection of market prices for agri-products from major markets across Uganda. On top of this, are other tools like weather forecasts for all districts in Uganda, an online trading marketplace for 46 agro-products, a business directory and a community forum where experts are participating in discussions around ICT in agriculture:

Design and Deployment of FARMS Farm Management Service, FIT Insights: Software as a service solution for farm management. Highly customized process automation tool for farmers to track their farm activities and expenses, leveraging on proper record-keeping best practices.  With this platform, the customer can generate real-time graphs that give an insight into business performance. The Solution is being used by over 50,000 farmers in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania who are receiving market information straight to their mobile handsets: , ,