Maalicard – Financial Services

Maali aims at developing and deepening the penetration of consumer finance products and services using the technology as a medium of outreach to the unbanked. Maalicard can be operated by individual or non-individuals. The Maali seeks to build up a network of agents/merchants accepting the cards or e-payments, card sales for individuals and corporate /Institutional sectors.
Maali technology allows for multi-currency, for a single card holder, saving, deposit, transfer, inward remittances, P2P payments which reduce time, cost and security risk associated with moving with cash.
The Maali strategy facilitates an increase in the penetration of existing financial services, makes new services available, extends the catchment areas of banks and contributes to the profits of merchants and businesses through the Maali POS network model, collaborative arrangements with financial institutions and MNOs.

Product and Services

Maalicard is the core product and services that is like to Maalipot (e-wallet) and Maalisave (Online Saving Wallet for Individuals). Other services offered by include Maaliremit that allows inward remittances, Maalicredit for rescue loans for savers; Maalihealth and MaaliInsurance which are a collaborative service offered in partnerships with third service providers.

Maalicard can be used by Commodity Off takers to pay for produce. Watch this video

Maalicard operates as a Neo Bank that is powered by the Housing Finance bank as the escrow account holder; it registered and licensed as company offering digital financial services targeting the unbanked population. The service is driven by a technology that is interoperable, allowing the movement and seamless flow of money from one client to other. It works in partnership with existing organizations, MNOs and financial bodies to achieve its objectives.

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