We PLEASED to announce that is no longer a secret, we have been selected
as one of the 2021 Top 50 Africa’s Business Hero!   The FIT Insights
product and services called  “MAALICARD ” was 
from a pool of 12,000 business ideas – many of
whom were highly-skilled and accomplished entrepreneurs with operating and success
business. In Uganda only FIVE innovative companies reach list of TOP 50.

According to the ABH website each application was pre-screened to ensure it
adhered to our eligibility criteria and subsequently independently reviewed by
two highly respected sector expert judges who evaluated the products and
services to be fitting for this Kind of recognition.  The companies and
their were  scored based on an international business conformity

It is a great honor and privilege to be recognized and
appreciated for the days and nights of hard work. This mention although its
still journey to success, we feel that is a mark of  belief , confidence and trust by the global community. 

WE celebrate   team and promoters for the products,  Board of Advisors, Shareholders and Investors for their support and involvement in the product. 

Being part of this competition opens up a new gate of entry for future growth ,
regardless of the what in the top 10. We are on road to influence behavior
change in the financial sector by digitalizing payments in the lower end of the
economic pyramid .

As we celebrate this achievement we ask you share the financial
benefits your friends and family . Use this link to allow them to  Check out the Maalicard.  

 Many use it for cashless payments and Saving; Church fees collections , School
Collection fees; E-commerce. To register for an account Dial *284*211# or visit : https://web.maalicard.com 


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