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The market information services monitor trends in staple grain food prices in Uganda and cover a total of 12 trading hubs in the 10 sub-regions. For each of the commodities the report produces a set of charts showing monthly price averages in the marketplaces giving a comparison of the regions and allowing the users to visualize the trends, indicative of seasonal trends and price patterns; in addition, it gives a progressive indicates of price pattern from the last

Why Market information is Important for effective Trade and Business.

Business the development and trade are mainly supported by access to marketing information. Different media were involved in the provision of marketing information such as radio and TVs broadcasts, SMS TEXT, USSD Pull Request, newspapers, word of mouth and bulletin boards at selected markets.

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INFOTRADE collects data, analyses it by visiting the wet markets in 12 data hubs covering 10 sub regions. Marketing information was generally disseminated periodically, via SMS Text, Email, Newsletters, and annual periodical Report. The information targets remote farmers, traders, and consumers and off takers.

Establishing market information services is seen as a means of increasing efficiency of marketing systems and promoting improved price formation. Market information products include market news (e.g., information on prices, quantities, market conditions, and business contacts), market analytical reports (e.g., reports that analyze factors that cause changes in market conditions and their effects on stakeholders), and business reports (e.g., providing information that can help stakeholders identify reliable trade partners).

FIT Insights, as data scientist are undertaking the roles of data processing, in partnership with a Government Agency ( i.e. UWRSA ) acting as the data governors mandated by act of parliament to provide market information for trade and business. The information is processed and produced using the 17 year technology manned by INFOTRADE as service of FIT and branded jointly by the two partners as the “ National Market Information

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Access Market information by Subscription via the website: Visit  this will allow to register as user and recipient for the information.

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