Record Keeping using the Infotrade Farm Book

Record Keeping, as told by Kapere Justus (Facilitator for Birambo Pineapple Growers Association A in Maziba)

Ever since I started pineapple farming it has always been difficult for me to keep records of my farming activities due to lack of knowledge and skills in record keeping. However after training by Infotrade on record keeping, I acquired skills on how to keep my farm records using a farm record book, i.e, production records and sales records. The skills have been helpful to plan for my business (farming enterprise) and this has resulted into increase in production and income. According to my farm records for Season A 2018: Cost of Production was 1.500.000/=, Sales were 3.500.000/=, Profit was 2.000.000/=, Savings for next season is 1.800.000/= and the expected income for next season is 4.000.000/= .