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Introduction: Sorghum is the most important cereal crop grown in Uganda after maize and finger millet (FAO, 1995). Sorghum is an indigenous crop to Africa, a purplish red grain that grows at the top of a corn-like plant. It flourishes throughout the country, with a high concentration in the Eastern, Northern and Western parts of Uganda. Furthermore, this drought resistant plant does very in the drought prone areas of Karamojo with a hectare coverage of…

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Nile Perch Farming in Iganga

Introduction  Nile perch also referred to as capitaine mputa and sangara is a large fresh water fish found in the rivers and lakes of Africa. This giant fish which was introduced in 1953 now has become the dominant specie. According to Lake Victoria fisheries  organization, around 75% of the Nile perch harvested is exported contributing a USD 113 million in foreign earning “The Nile perch constitutes 90 per cent of the fish exports from the lake,” said Jonathan Munguti, the Head of the…

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