Public Notice – COVID -19 Pandemic 2020


Dear Customers, Friends and Business partners,

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on us all. Business will never be the same after the lockdown in many of the countries. More so we are like to rethink our partnership, business models and service delivery plans.

We are in support of the government approach but also aware of effect it may have on our partnership, supply arrangement and business engagements.  We have closed the office building and all our teams have fully adopted the online service model. We are available to provide services remotely for now until further notice.

We’re committed to supporting you as best as we possibly can. Our teams have been working around the clock on solutions to help you retain services, that need routine support and field engagement.

Please get in touch with us via mail or online for a skype meeting or ZOOM to re organize your service or to plan for any future business engagements.

Stay safe and connected for a better life. / Mobile  +256 752 460 354