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Company Profile

FIT Insights Ltd is one of the leading Business Development Consulting Company in the region. We provide Market Information services, Enterprise Record Management Services, tailored Capacity Building, Inclusive Payment Solutions and Business Service Linkages to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) across the East African Region.

Our business is driven by the fact that all farmers and traders need to be connected to services to enable holistic human development: the insights in to human well-being include social, economic, education, health and cultural & environmental sustainability.

The company using grass root agency models, partnerships with other private sector actors and collaborative arrangements with development partners, NGOs, Governments and family foundations has invested in a number of social enterprises aimed at improving economic livelihoods of populations in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.  ICT for developments are used as leverage in the services offered by FIT. Creating organised, informed, traceable and verifiable profiles of farmers and traders; using data from Bio data, production, marketing and transaction information. Our data threads offer an opportunity for deep insights in the development of interventions and solutions to the poor.

FIT Insights represents a transformation of FIT Uganda following its historical achievements in Business development over the last 22 years (since 1997). It is a mark of growth, progress, institutional strengthening and sustainability. With the transformation into FIT Insights we choice to penetrate new markets with a more universal name (INSIGHTS) hence creating a group of companies sharing a ICT platforms, database, strategies, structures and models.  We welcome you to interact with us.

We recognize the founding members and historical names in the FIT Family networks in Africa; Jim Turnburn, Gavin Anderson, Enoth Mbeine, Robert M.J Kintu, Tapera Muzira, James Kalibbala, Japhes Biimbwa, Margaret Masibabyi and Robert G. Nsiah in FIT Ghana

Our Core Values and Expertise


Our Vision is to create vibrant Subsectors through traceable data sources for well informed and connected business networks


To become the leading facilitator of information, trade and knowledge around entrepreneurs and their trade

Strategic Options

  1. Leverage the use of relevant ICTs to digitalise and transform the target networks.
  2. Working with and for other service providers to create sustainable business value.
  3. Focus on enabled electronic financial payment solutions as  a services.
  4. To focus on accumulation of multiple data sources as basis for building historical insights and knowledge in the agribusiness sector and associated trade.

Quality Policy

FIT Insights aims to become the leading facilitator of information , trade and knowledge around vibrant subsectors; by undertaking its duty  to connect  users  with quality services delivered professionally, efficiently & effectively  with compliance to prevailing requirements to meeting customer needs and exceeding their expectations


Area of Expertise

  • Market information Services
  • Business development Consultancies
  • Data insights and trends analysis
  • ICT data profiling systems
  • Large Database management
  • Production and transaction analysis
  • Value Chain development<
  • Value Analysis and Training
  • OVC tailored Training
  • Issuing of farmer debit cards
  • Payment solutions
  • Business linkages for crop insurance, inputs and credit
  • Project management, monitoring and controls



FIT is a business development services company, organized under principles of social enterprise promotion and existing under the laws of the Uganda and also registered in Tanzania as a International (foreign) company. The Company was established in 1997, and has associated offices in Kenya, and Ghana with licensed applications operating in  Kenya under the Sokepepe brand.

The company works both in the public sector and private sector to facilitate, establish and support service companies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Governments and donors working with the SME sector. FIT is known for its ground-breaking innovation in developing sustainable social service within SME sector. It has previous worked in the region on a number of agricultural Value Chain studies, business training, enterprise support and supported the development of tailored communication channels for SMEs using Media such as radio, print and now mobile channels. It has built products and services that use ICT for Agriculture with applications in Record Management and farmer identification (FARMIS), farm extension ( Info bank), Agricultural Information Services (AGMIS), and virtual trading platforms (InfoX).

The company has hit a number of milestones:

April 2017 Transformed into FIT Insights Ltd, on entry into Tanzania.
June 2016 Established a one single traceable and verifiable online database of farmers and traders house as Infotrade Uganda
December 2016 Launched the farmer pre-paid debit card “Infotrade maalicard”
November 2015 Established it first license of application and platform in Kenya.
October 2015 Signed up with NUMA as regulated weather information services provider in Uganda
October 2008 Launch “Infotrade” as household for farmer services in “information for trade”
June 2015 Registered trademarks of FARMIS, INFOTRADE, INFOX and FIT
May 2015 Service a quality Gold Award for Excellence and Business Prestige, New York of Quality summit
May 2011 Registered for ISO 9001: 2008 certification for the Provision of Consultancy in business Development.
Jan 2005 – 2012 Undertake over 67 value chain studies carrying a variety of sub-sectors in the country.
Nov 2002 Started and incorporate the first free Advertising paper – Regional Uganda Market Focus
Aug 1990 Establish a network of magazine radio programs with five FM radio station later the service was replicated in 39 countries and broadcast on over 235 radios in Africa.