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Business Development Consultancy Services

We leverage all our works with Information communication technologies
Non-Conventional Business Consultancy! Our Works are based on hard Issues in Society.

You are welcome for Collaborative program or project Development. Our Work starts with an Idea, Deep Thought, Mental Design and Joint Co-creation to Innovative Lasting Solution for Communities.  All it takes is building trust in partnership for the good of the target audience. The impossible  is possible.

For today’s Interventions, development engagements have to embrace technology. We have developed profiling systems  that catch information at the of the project and track progress during the cycle of implementation. Infotrade platform was developed 2008.

Our approach facilitates  organised communities to become production hubs that can be linked to markets with improved products. We work with partners to add value, create products for a market, brands and labels for market entry. 

With over 23 years of business development experience we have developed solution that can be linked to any development project to enable access to financial services, market information and potential business linkages for organised farmer communities.. 

Recently we have picked interest in developing channels for Commodity marketing and market penetration. Working with organised small holders farmers we used ICTs aggregate supplies for a given market while sharing infrastructure with a hope of sustaining the supply chain. 

Commodity Based Market Development

  1. Support to development of value chain programmes with direct choice of viable value chains for given regions and communities.
  2. Facilitate the identification, packaging and commercialization of viable Crop Value Chain and build systems for market linkages and inclusive finance support structures.
  3. Business linkages for markets and partnership arrangement in agribusiness programs
  4. Market Analysis and verification of data on selected commodities

ICONIC Interventions in Economic Development


  1. Grassroots management training for women, youth groups, OVC and OVC caretakers e.t.c
  2. Rapid market Appraisal for small business set ups
  3. Practical Business Planning and development

Building Communities With Supportive Technologies

As an AGRI -FINTECH organisation, we have over the years developed systems and services that engage individuals and their groups into active production and economic  thought. FIT runs a Infotrade as Market Information Services  

Seamless support enhancing communities while embracing challenges together.

Key Performance Indicators

Value Chain Studies Conducted

We have been engaged by a number of partners to investigate agribusiness value chains studies. 

Digital Database of farmers

We have profiled and document a number of farmers with traceable bio data , production Information,  farm size and linkage to cooperatives  

Projects Managed and Completed

Over the Past 23 years we have completed , projects – Market development, ICT Solutions, Market Information Services, Business linkages, Commodity Development

Commodity Development - SHEA PRODUCTS

DELIVERY OF CONSULTANCY SERVICES with in support of the communities of Arwotngo Parish ( Otuke District) and Alolololo Parish ( Alebtong District) to develop the shea value chain, with value addition and packed for the market.

ICT Platform for Cooperatives

Worked with 8 Cooperatives to develop a ICT platform for Record management, Website and email for visibility and marketing of their produce.

Conceptual Design of the Parliamentary Performance Scorecard

FIT Insights , supported AFLI in the design and the development of the Parliamentary Scorecard assessment methodology. The Team has also been instrument in the processing and analysis of the Individual MP and Institutional Scorecards. Visit the website: