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We Appreciate Opportunities to Co-Create Solutions for life Challenging situations.

Our Services

Our business is driven by the fact that humanity is driven by the need connect for survival and build bridges for supply while creating opportunities to enrich societies with holistic services in   Social and  Economic Development, People Education and  Health and being mindful of the Earth through  Cultural & Environmental Sustainability.

Value Chain Development Services

We have selected Eight Value Chains of Interest moving forward. FIT has a history of  having worked with over 65 Value Chain studies. Seven of which have been taken to the market.

Tailored Capacity Building Programs

With Support from Varies Development Partners we are working with Organised Producer and Marketing Organisation build their capacity in governance and trade

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Financial Inclusions Services

Maalicard is a solution opening new possibilities for traders, merchants and farmers alike.  Now farmers can access affordable financial services  and move cash electronically.

Online marketing

Online marketing is key for survival of business in the next 2 to 3 years. We have developed platforms to support communities that we work to trade on using shared 

website. and 

Web Hosting for Cooperatives

Trading for Cooperatives, without a website or official emails creates a blind date for the desiring partners. With FIT websites can be set up and maintained at a reasonable cost. 

Data and Information Services

Request for historical market information and analysed reports on 25 commodities in Uganda.


FIT Insights Ltd is one of the leading Business Development Consulting Company in the region. It as a history of over 23 years in Business Development Services in Africa with list of achievements and accomplishments.

We have worked in number areas, such as feasibility studies for new businesses, creation of new services to stimulate the small and medium sectors, provision of Market Information Services, Enterprise Record Management for farmers and cooperatives, Capacity Building of Cooperatives, Program  Design and Management and  More recently ventured into Solution driven Innovations in  Financial Services Sector

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Maalicard  aims at offering  mass cost effective  financial inclusive services , supported by socially committed and motivated professionals ,working with a network of businesses  and persons connected with benefits.

Connecting Farmers to Markets

The Infotrade Connect was established to link organised farmer groups to sustainable markets of producers that are organised in clusters of ” People’s Buying Groups”   The service provides a online market place and physical distribution and delivery produce to consumers.

opportunity for online trading

Following the event that happened in 2019, December, the world has been driven into a new normal. FIT Insights presents a service targeted for the small and medium size business to start trading online and own or rent a shop online .  This called “catalogue shoppers”  Let your clients shop online

"Farming without market information is like eating the whole fish in the dark . knowledge is the light your need."
Moses Balikoowa
AMIA- Data Collector