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Working With FIT Insights

FIT Insights is a business development consulting company, that provides practical business integration of services to farmers and traders while linking them to markets through rapid market appraisal, capacity building and facilitating value chain-based intervention. It works mainly with member-based associations, cooperatives, marketing groups or out grower schemes in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

FIT Insights uses one of its platforms called Infotrade to integrate  the market data  collected from 25 markets, production and transaction data collection tools to provide in-depth trade intelligence, analysis and dissemination of agricultural, health, trade and other market information through its networked business partnerships with other agencies.  Currently the Infotrade platform manages an end to end hosting farmers and trader  working with off takers,  Banks, Input providers, Insurance and other Services providers.

FIT Insights hold a subsidiary company called FIT Humanity; this is a social arm of FIT Insights to promote community production, marketing using primary societies and Area cooperatives to linkage them to collective market entry strategies using the Infotrade commodity quality label called “mutual trading trust”